Brief and Problem

The Big Bad Wolf Sale sees most of its customers at the beginning, at the end, and over the weekends during each event. Foot-falls naturally decreased on work days during office hours. In 2012, we set out to encourage more customers to visit over weekdays, to further increase sales, and to spread news of the Sale virally across fans' networks.

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Ideas and Solution

We launched the #BBWCrazy photo contests, urging fans to take their craziest pictures and poses while visiting the Sale. Up for grabs were valuable Preview Passes to the next year's Sale (one day's early access to all the books), phones, tablets and other gadgets. Fans responded enthusiastically, shaving in public, showing up in pyjamas and face masks, and even staging scenes from a zombie apocalypse movie! Hardcore fans had fun expressing themselves every day of the week, their friends and other onlookers were intrigued enough to visit the Sale independently, and the rest of the Internet caught a glimpse into the workings of the world's biggest - and often craziest - book sale, thanks to a bold move from the Wolf and 4 Thirteen.