Brief and Problem

In 2012, we were tasked with a branding exercise: to extend the Big Bad Wolf's presence beyond the annual book sale. The Wolf was popular among book fans, bargain hunters and those already in the know, but was then not as widely-known to the general public. They needed a way to make sure the Wolf stayed fresh in people's minds throughout the year.

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Ideas and Solution

We designed limited-edition T-shirts based on the theme of the year, in partnership with premium custom T-shirt maker SaltyCustoms. These shirts were sold exclusively at the Sale, giving the brand a different (and stylish) arena to conquer. After every Sale and before the next one, Wolf fans could now wear their pride on their sleeve - literally - and promote the brand wherever they went. Since their debut, fans look forward to the next year's designs from 4 Thirteen Media almost as much as the Big Bad Wolf's new books.