Brief and Problem

Taking over marketing communication as well as social media marketing in 2011, we were tasked with 'waking up' a modest number of fans (just over 7,000) and engaging them to spread the word of mouth - AND converting these fans to actual sales.

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Ideas and Solution

We employed new and innovative ways to engage the Big Bad Wolf audience from staging a 'takeover/hack' of the Facebook page in 2011, to innovative applications built specifically to engage the audience and spread the message of the sale virally, we've grown the Wolf pack from a modest 7,000 fans over a 180,000 fans in 2014. With a record number of customers arriving for the sale every year, the Big Bad Wolf and 4 Thirteen Media continue to make a devastating team.

Nothing Stands Alone - a Completely Integrated Approach
The success of the Wolf does not rest on social media alone - we believe in and continue to deploy an integrated solution for the yearly campaigns. With effective and direct above the line advertising coupled with branding initiatives such as creating exclusive merchandising such as t-shirts and the like, the Big Bad Wolf Sale continues to be the marquee campaign for 4 Thirteen to display effectiveness of a tight, well executed campaign.