Brief and Problem

Straits Tankers was entering an arena already occupied by other major players, with cold, structured online presences. As the agency in charge of their corporate identity, we were tasked with creating a matching website that would stand out among the crowd, without alienating clients who had preconceived expectations of what a corporate website should look like.

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Ideas and Solution

We took a page from Straits Tankers' modular design philosophies, that enable a vessel to adapt and even grow as required. Their website was designed to do the same, expanding both downwards and sideways to accommodate more content as the company grows in size and stature. We presented their information in ways that remain structured, but break away from the strict box-and-grid feel of a corporate website. Different without being divisive, this website is sure to be a breath of fresh air to Straits Tankers' potential clientele, and another solid achievement for 4 Thirteen Media.